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August 5, 2010
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The Loyalty of Siblings by snow-valkyrie The Loyalty of Siblings by snow-valkyrie
~*Inner thoughts*~
I have always wanted to do something that involved something with my little brother and I. We are very close for being seven years apart. I feel I need to explain this puppy, so, here goes . . .

The concept is my brother and I are on a space voyage and trying to find the coordinates for home (planet earth). However, we argue so much about stupid stuff that we don't see the coordinates on the pop up screen. Believe it has happened before.:giggle: The conversation would go as follows:

Lindon: "I told you the coordinates were wrong Jamie! We need to turn around and reset the navigator and try again."

Jamie: "Shut up, if you hadn't taken so long to repair the speed booster, we would be home by now."

Lindon: "Bull shit! You try and fix a booster . . . oh wait . . . you CAN'T. You are so useless, you know that?"

Jamie: "Please Captain drama! If I didn't calculate the coordinates, you ass would be somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy! The I would have to go find your sorry ass because you wife would have an absolute conniption! If anyone is useless, it is You!"

Lindon: "Hey look, it's Earth! Home sweet home at last. I hope Chivon made Shepard's Pie for dinner tonight."

Jamie: "Me too. Hey do you think mom made fudge?"

Lindon: " I hope so. The last batch was a little grainy and sugary. Besides, you shouldn't have any. You are insulin resistant."

Jamie "Oh shut your freaking pie hole! I think I can indulge once in a while. Besides, I don't recall my father being reincarnated, so who the hell do you think you are?!"

Lindon: "Jamie you are so freaking sensitive . . . Learn to take a joke for heaven sake!"

Jamie: "Go to hell you useless . . ." (and on and on and on) :giggle:

I have a collection of key-chains, and so does my brother. I took pictures of each on and put them as a colleague of our interests. The feather on the bottom represents my brother's wife and the baby monkey key-chain represents his son, whom I call "The Monkey". The stuff on the right is his interests and the stuff on the left is mine. It is also kind of ironic because I am left handed and he is right.

My brother and I have never craved the systems acceptance. Therefore, I tried to make both characters stand out as much as possible. I am sure some people are thinking, big deal. However, where we come from, conformity is important.:giggle:

~*Musical Inspiration*~
Closest approach to earth
34,600,000 miles
Mean distance from the sun
141,600,000 miles
Period of rotation around the sun
1.88089 years
Sidereal rotation period
24 hours,37 minutes, 22.66 seconds
Mean surface atmospheric temperature
-23 degrees
Visual albedo
Pole star BD 52
Degrees 2880
Official magnitude at opposition
O Fortuna
velut Luna
statu variabilis,
O Fortune
like the Moon
you are changeable, )
inclination for equator
24.936 degrees
gravitational escape velocity
3121 miles per hour
inclination from Equator - Enigma, The Gate ---> [link]

~*Tools of the Trade*~
Photoshop CS3

~*Stock Credits*~
Nebula --->[link]
Female Model ---> [link]
Male Model ---> [link]
Tattoo Brushes ---> [link] [link]
Brown Hat ---> [link]
Tech Brushes ---> [link]
Dice ---> [link]
Controls and space ship frame for windows ---> stock xchange
Peacock feature ---> [link]
Henna Mehndi designs ---> [link]
Jeweled Wing ---> [link]
Keychains ---> Personal stock

~*Similar Works*~
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Miarath Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
Looks great. :huggle:
snow-valkyrie Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! This one is a personal favorite.
Miarath Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
My pleasure. :huggle:
creativemikey Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Professional Photographer
Very well done my friend:nod:
snow-valkyrie Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. It is deeply personal, but most people don't understand it. I guess you have to know my brother and I. :giggle:
angeleyes2480 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010
I really love this, Jamie. :nod: I can tell you put a lot of detailed work (and love and care) into it, which makes me gush and blush over here, don't ya know? ;) :giggle: :iconmeltplz:

I'm SO diggin' your guys' hats!! BWAAAH!! :iconadorableplz: "Drive it like you stole it" :rofl: And your peacock hat is too hip!!! I'm also diggin' the tats! Is that based on any reality, I wonder?? ... :iconimthinkingplz: :D

You know, I'd like to think of myself as a non-conformist, actually. :iconhurrhurrplz: It's important to me NOT to conform, only because I'll be damned if I'll live by Society's rules and restrictions. :iconhellyeahplz: :laughing: :iconbadassplz:

Really nice work, Jamie. Anyone can tell from this depiction that you and your bro have a special connection to treasure. :smooch:
snow-valkyrie Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much. I am happy I got my message across. My brother has no tatoos but he has always wanted one. I want one too, just in case you care.:giggle: It is very hard to be yourself where I come from. Either you fall into line, or you are an outcast. Being the idiot that I am, I chose outcast.:giggle:
angeleyes2480 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010
You're welcome!! :icongrin--plz: Indeed you succeeded mightly! ;) Yeah, I've always wanted to get a tat as well (though I'm "clean" right now). One day though... My friend, back in my college days always used to joke and say she was getting one on her stomach with an arrow pointing down there, and have it say "In cumming mail/male" I always razzed her about it and said she was a sicko, but now I'm thinking, it wasn't such a bad idea... :rofl: =P :laughing: :iconteheplz:

I know exactly what you mean. My family is pretty "conformed", though the fucked-up part is, in reality, we're NOT, like AT ALL!! We're stranger than fiction, to put it mildly! And I think you know what I mean, if you have read my stories and such. ;) But my family likes to PRETEND that they are normal, and all is well in the cookoo's nest, which I can't stand. :roll: UGH! :unimpressed: :smoking: There's nothing wrong with being an outcast. I was/am my entire life, and I don't really mind times... ;) I'd rather be an outcast than play the part of something that doesn't fit with who I am. Either you accept me as is, fucked-up parts and all, or you don't, in which you need to get the hell outta my way!! ;) It's all or nothing with me, baby! :icontatataplz: :woohoo: :crazy:
snow-valkyrie Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HA! That tattoo would be so freaking funny! My family does the same thing. However, it is difficult to do. We are a strange bunch indeed. I am still learning that it is ok to be an outcast. It is very difficult for me, but I am like you, I have out of the circle all my life.
angeleyes2480 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
:iconyesyesyesplz: :giggle: Ok, let's make a bet on whose family is the strangest! ;p Loser has to take the whole pack out to dinner! :icondignitylaughplz: =P :laughing: ;p

It's difficult for me as well to be an outcast. Don't get me wrong, it's something I struggle with quite a lot. I live in constant conflict, like EVERY day. :roll: I'm a total contradiction in itself! :doh: Which is why, I guess, my doctors say I'm fucked-up like I am. :icondignitylaughplz: I want to get over all my syndromes and psychological restrictions, but in a way, I don't know who I'd be without them (they define me now, if that makes any sense). I want to be apart of the world, but not in it, because it's too fucked-up and awful to be a part of. I want a relationship because I'm lonely, yet I can't because I'm scared to death of being close to someone, and having someone really know the real me. I want to meet people's expectations of me, but I don't want to live by their definition of me. I want to be a total, rebellious non-conformist, but I can't deal with the crippling alienation that goes along with it. I want total independence, but I still need my dependence on people as well...

Anyway, sorry for the inane ramble. :roll: My bad. I don't mean not to make any sense...or maybe I do... :lol: :giggle: ;p

My point is, it's that constant struggle for me, ya know. I think I have a poet's soul. Always miserable, but content with what ails ya. :lol: ;p

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